This only applies to contract rent and business leasing, both for personal and professional use. If you`re already going most of the way through a PCP financing contract, you may be able to use voluntary termination to terminate the contract and make the car – nothing else to pay. To use it, you must have paid at least half of the “payment amount” – that`s the down payment amount, all the monthly payments, the optional final payment and all the interest and fees that will be deducted. Be aware that this is a very different figure from half the original price of the car. This also applies to rental sales and PCP. The difference is that because the monthly payments for the lease-purchase are larger, you pay off the debts much faster and you get out of negative equity earlier – like at the end of a lease, you paid the whole car and you are the owner. With PCP, however, there is still the grand optional final payment at the end of the contract that you have to pay if you want to own the car. There are many reasons why a customer wants to terminate their lease prematurely. Perhaps personal circumstances, such as moving or firing, have changed. Or maybe you`re nearing the end of your contract and want to use a new lease to reduce costs? An early termination allows you to terminate your lease prematurely. If you think you can`t afford your car during the contract, let the lender know as soon as possible so they can help you get through this difficult pad. Lenders will be happy to consult at an early stage if you think you will have problems paying your loan so they can consider the various repayment options.

The rental purchase divides the cost of a car into a down payment and a number of monthly payments. Make all these payments and the car is holding you. Leasing differs from PCP financing in that there is no large optional payment at the end of the contract that you must make if you want to own the vehicle. This means that your monthly payments are higher, but also that once you have made the last payment, you are the rightful owner of the car. Until the billing figure is paid, the car belongs to the financial company, not to you – even if it can be parked on your way. You can pay the billing figure yourself to take possession, but if you have to opt out of the car financing contract, chances are good that you won`t be able to do so.